Deadbeat dad michael waddell the racist ladies man

Yes deadbeat dad is a racist

Are you surprised? So here we have deadbeat dad michael waddell being smooth with amy and questions her about previous love making to African-Americans. But the words that deadbeat dad michael waddell uses are very different. "I Heard"

What not to do when trying to court a young lady

So we have heard that deadbeat dad michael waddell has secured enough pot to get amy to babysit and hang out. But we all know that drugs are not enough, even for amy so lets see what deadbeat dad michael waddell says to try and win amy's heart.

Here we have deadbeat dad hanging out with his new girlfriend amy and the topic of his ex-wife comes up. Now amy being a single mom herself she knows all about such things so you would think that deadbeat dad michael waddell would just be politically correct and say something like "my ex-wife is a good person but we just grew apart" or "we were young when we got married and things did not just work out". Remember deadbeat dad is courting amy and her huge pot addiction. So let's listen in to what deadbeat dad says about his "ex-wife". "That was smooth"WOW after that you would think that amy would grab her young child and get out of there as fast as she could but no, amy will not leave while there is still pot to smoke.

Deadbeat dad just wanting to help

So we have all learned about deadbeat dad michael waddell so we really do not need to revisit it all but wait until you hear this. Deadbeat dad michael waddell is such a great guy and good dad he offers his girlfriend amy his parenting skills in an effort to help amy raise her misbehaving young daughter bella. Well actually bell was not misbehaving at all, she was just trying to get her mom attention away from pot and as a result of disturbing her mother's pot smoking bella actually gets spanked at 53 seconds and is heard starting to cry. I really wish I could identify bella's parents because I sure would like her father to hear how is ex-wife acts and who she hangs out with as well as turn amy the pot-smoking abusive mother into social services. Anyway back to parenting help with deadbeat dad michael waddell. "straighten her out"

Well a couple of minutes later amy complains of deadbeat dad not puting the heat on, doesn't amy know that heat cost money and between pot and egg sandwiches for his kids deadbeat dad aint got that kind of money. Then poor bella doesn't listen and she comes in the room again, this time deadbeat dad steps up and tells her that he is going to give her a but whopping if she doesnt leave the two potheads alone so they can get back to neglecting their children. "But Whoop"


I would imagine that everyone who comes to this site and takes in all that it has to offer will be appalled of deadbeat dad Micahel Waddell's behavior. I would also think that a majority of the readers would like to help protect these children from their abusive drug abusing father and believe me you can. On the "Contact" page you will find phone numbers and emails of all interested parties including social services workers, narcotics police officers, employers, and much more. So believe me if you want to help protect these children you can, and you can do so anonymously. In some instances, a cash reward will be given to anyone providing information leading to the arrest and prosecution of Michael Waddell. Rewards will be done through an attorney to protect all parties involved. What could be better then protecting children, turning a criminal into law enforcement, and receiving a nice cash reward.

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